Cristalloo 1.0

Long-lasting color and tonality.
High Density and Vitreous Innovation.
Full body veins with autonomous Crysta technology.
Grainless Surface, Extraordinary Whitest & Brightest, More Translucent.

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Kohinoor is originated from India, is well known for the cut largest being manufactured among the diamonds. The same form Cristalloo includes the features like Kohinoor majorly the sparkling cut which stands out the product which is available in the market. This quartz surface is part of the Cristalloo Marble collection and observes a smooth and obscure white base, with dense and remarkable dark gray veins that beautify the entire coating.

Sancy is a pale yellow-colored gem that was once used to define the antiquity of the Mughals. It possesses a shield-shaped modified cut which highlights the gem in its category. The Sancy from the range of Cristalloo defines the same characteristics including the cuts and the reflection from the cuts makes the product more elegant and is preferred by the builders. Sancy is lovely marble-look carry quartz with a white background and flimsy gray veins for a soft stone-inspired look. Cristalloo combines the beauty of marble with the performance of quartz.

The Taylor-Burton Diamond, a rare diamond weighing 68 carats. It gained fame in 1969 when it was acquired by actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. This piece set the record price for the diamond at $1,050,000 in public. The similar range of the product makes the stone look high-end natural marble finish; it also matches with the white marble quartz in the market. This design comes with a diverse depth and tone-on-tone appearance with vivacious grey veins giving it a unique marble appearance for a lavish look to your kitchen.

Cullinan is the roughest diamond ever found in the family of diamonds. It was found at the Premier No.2 mine in Cullinan, South Africa. The toughness and the cut make it rare in the market. The same segment from the Cristalloo provides the same kind of benefits of Cullinan with the enhanced durability of the product. Reflecting the beauty of natural marble is the newest Cristalloo Surface, Cullinan. This elegant surface flaunts a white base with full-body intertwining veins that stretch across each slab.

Winston is named after a rare kind of diamond known as The Winston Blue Diamond. A fancy vivid blue-colored diamond in the market is majorly preferred over for its rich and fancy look among the other available diamond in the market. Winston, natural quartz from the collection of Cristalloo Marble, discovers quartz-like broad and incredible veins on a smooth white ice base, along with the designs run across the entire surface organically and continuously. The Winston from the closet of Cristalloo brings out this product for the people who pick a fancy ambiance over a subtle one. This is attractive and is most loved among the new adult generation in the town.