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Cristalloo is now entering the premium section of the market to give the customers a new chain of the customized quartz in the form of marble. This gives an option to the builders and the customers for kitchen and bathroom countertops over and above other traditional materials such as granite or natural stone.

Baba Quartz believes in serving the premium customers with the creamy available products in the market. We are now launching Cristalloo a new product range of crystals with the premium features like

Long-lasting color and tonality High Density and Vitreous Innovation.
Full body veins with autonomous Crysta technology Grainless Surface, Extraordinary Whitest & Brightest, More Translucent

Cristalloo also delivers the whiteness, also with Frost resistant feature is now most demanded by today's building and construction industry in countertops and engineered stones.
Cristalloo series has excellent scratch resistance and stain resistance due to its high density and high hardness. It is also embodied with the autonomous Crystal technology available in the market.
This newly launched series also conveys both the benefits and the durability of engineered stone with the appearance of high-end natural marble, matched with the appearance of white marble.
Cristalloo series has sharp, clean, tight lines and translucency similar to that of real marble. Soft and subtle undertones add depth to its appearance, and the product's grain-less surface results in better light reflection and higher shine than a grained surface would
With the new launch of the segment for our existing and new premium customers, Baba Quartz is now presenting a creamy range of the quartz in the marble form. This is the gift from the set of new innovative team of the business firm. This not only helps the customers with the new and polished look but also provides a gesture of positive aura.
A crisp brief about the premium products are being introduced for the customers is understated. We have picked the name following the most premium stones available in the world.
The main five products are Kohinoor, Sancy, Winston, Cullinan, and Taylor.

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